Grow these beautiful hardy plants for cheerful colour year after year!

At last the sun is shining and the temperatures have risen, the plants have perked up no end and so have we all! As well as enjoying my hanging baskets and containers on the patio I do like to display a really good selection of hardy plants in the garden borders and beds which bring colour year after year with very little attention needed – which is always a good thing!

When you order your plants from us at Vernon’s you will always receive complete growing instructions with tips as to how to get the best from your plants. We are more than happy to share our secrets of success – we want you to have a great show with your plants. If at any time you ever have any problems with your plants we are always here to help.

Here are my top five favourites from the hardy plants we offer … and we only offer the very best performers!

Hardy Geranium Classis Collection

Hardy Geranium – Classic Collection

This is a fabulous collection of really good varieties – at the moment we are offering these at a greatly reduced price … do place your order soon though as these are reduced for limited time only! Hardy geraniums are superb garden border plants as they make good foliage growth all year round, cutting down on the weeds, plus you get a bright show of colour in the summer months too! This is a pretty collection of Cinereum Alice with bright pink flowers and strong veining in the petals, Sweet Heidy with purple and white flowers along with the very striking Phaeum Raven with rich deep maroon flowers. A super combination which is suitable for all gardens.

Perennial Bumper Collection

Perennial Collection

This is the best collection for creating a mass of colour in the garden stretching over many months. We’ve brought together a superb collection of 72 plants to give a really good selection of 12 different plants … and at great value too! When you order this collection, these are just 28 pence each plant and I can’t think of anything that will give so much pleasure over such a long time for such a low price! Pop these in the garden beds and borders and you’ll enjoy a really splendid display from them for many years to come.

Penstemon Collection

Penstemon Collection

I love Penstemons and find them really hard to beat. They are ‘tough as old boots’ and will keep growing and flowering without any fuss or care needed – perfect! Their bell shaped flowers are very attractive, coming over the whole summer and the plants make really good bushy growth. We offer a lovely selection of colours including Heavenly Blue which has blue and lavender shades in every petal. Each May give them a light trimming over if they have gone a little straggly to keep them tidy and that’s all they’ll need. Once you’ve grown these you’ll see why I enjoy growing them so much.

Hardy Chrysanthemums

Hardy Chrysanthemum Collection

These are always popular with our customers and having grown these for many years, I can quite understand why. Very sturdy growing, they make compact, bushy plants which just smother themselves in flowers and so you have balls of colour. They’re great and being hardy they just keep coming back every year. All they need is a light trimming in early May each year. Superb in containers. If you haven’t grown these before then do give them a try this year.

Rose You're Beautiful

Rose of the Year 2013 – You’re Beautiful

Every year a rose is carefully chosen and selected to be the Rose of the Year and here is the winner in 2013! You’re Beautiful has shell pink flowers and grows in a neat, bushy manner. I love growing roses in the garden and when they burst into bloom it’s a sure sign that the warmer months are with us! It is also great to have plants growing in your garden that can be cut to enjoy in vases indoors too – bring the garden into your home.

When you plant up your hardy plants be sure to add some of our Plant Food to the compost – whilst it’s a geranium feed, it does have the right balance of nutrients that all flowering plants need so use it for all your plants – you will get better foliage growth and lots more flowers!

Our website is full of wonderful plants for all around your garden – you’ll find everything in one place which makes for easy gardening! Order now and they’ll soon arrive at your door ready to be enjoyed all summer long – all of our specialist geraniums, bedding plants, hanging basket plants and lots of new and exciting plants too! Do have a look today.

Do visit our Geranium Care Centre for lots of advice at any time. Some companies are wary of passing on their secrets of success but we are always happy to share our experiences with you and pass on tips we’ve learnt along the way.

If you have a moment I would ask you to pop onto our website and write a review of your favourite plants. It only takes a minute and will help other gardeners to also enjoy the varieties that you enjoy. A big part of the joy of gardening, to share tips and advice between us all.

If you have any information about growing your hardy plants or any stories or tips to share with us all then please do leave a comment on this blog also (all comments go through a moderator so they won’t appear on the page instantly but will soon be up for all to see). I’d love to hear from you and there is always something we can all learn from each other.


2 thoughts on “Grow these beautiful hardy plants for cheerful colour year after year!

  1. Over the past couple of years I have admired your photos of Geranium plants, such as the climbing Antic Geranium plants.
    You always have nice photos but I feel it would help us to learn what size of flower pot the plant is potted in. Sam Crossett.

    • Dear Mr Crossett, Thank you for your comment and a good point! I will keep this in mind in future as I agree, this would be helpful information. With kind regards, Liz

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