Hardy shrubs and trees to give your garden all year round interest

I have a little dog, Bobby, and I take him out for a short walk first thing every morning … one of these days I’m hoping to have as much energy as he has in the mornings! One of the great pleasures for me is that I walk a route which takes me around the local houses and I enjoy seeing the planting in the neighbourhood gardens during the changing seasons. Here we are at the end of September and I still see geraniums in flower, but alas their season outside is now coming to an end. Time to tuck them up for winter and I hope you’ll follow the advice in my recent blog about preparing your geraniums for winter – a little time spent on caring for them now will ensure you can enjoy them again next year in all their glory … they are by no means a one year plant! If you have a conservatory you will be able to go on enjoying your geraniums through the coming months as they don’t have a dormant period and with enough light and warmth they’ll keep on flowering for you.

The best ‘all year round’ gardens have a combination of hardy shrubs and trees with the garden enthusiasts changing their seasonal planting of summer plants, autumn and winter bedding and spring bulbs and so they have bright, cheerful colour in their gardens all year round. Here are my highlights of the hardy shrubs and trees we at Vernon’s offer and they are an interesting bunch … don’t grow boring plants when you can grow brighter, more beautiful ones! Planting these in your garden will give you a good background into which you can add your other plants to liven up your whole display all year round.

Hydrangea Glam Rock

This is a new hardy shrub to our collection and it’s proving to be very popular … and it’s no surprise as the flowers are fascinating! Hydrangeas are superb performers in the garden as they form large round plants with super foliage and when this one bursts into bloom it’s a stunner. Shades ranging from blue centres with pink petals and green tinges at the edges – it’s unique! These make a great gift for a gardening friend too and when you order two you’ll save £5!

Standard Dwarf Lilac

Enjoy the sweet aroma of this dwarf lilac – it’s ideal as a standard and can be grown in a large pot or planted into the garden bed to make an interesting focal point. Slow growing, this will stay compact and dwarf so very little care is needed. Flowering in May and June, this standard will add interest all year round. This standard dwarf lilac will grow to about1.8 metres in time.

Callistemon Captain Cook

Grow this hardy evergreen shrub in your garden and enjoy the bright red blooms that shine out from late spring and it often produces another flush late summer. Grows to 2 metres high and needs very little care making it ideal as an easy-to-care for garden plant. Order two and save £5 as well!

Jasmine Tuscani

This super evergreen climbing shrub will quickly grow to provide height and foliage on archways, pergolas and fences and from midsummer onwards it smothers itself with thousands of star shaped white flowers and produces a heavenly sweet scent. This ‘star jasmine’ is very popular and the ideal choice to provide cover in the garden.

Deutzia ‘Pride of Rochester’

This is a fully hardy shrub with fabulous flowers and a lovely scent too! The aroma of honey comes over a long period with fluffy flowers of white and pink. This shrub will grow to two and a half metres so giving a great show in the garden year after year.

Acer Orange Beauty

Acer trees make great focal points in the garden and this is a beautiful variety. Watch as the foliage changes from orange-yellow in the spring through to rich red and golden shades in the autumn. This hardy tree will grow to 3 metres over 10 years. Plant it as a centre of a bed or in a large pot on the patio.

Cornus Kousa

This is a really fascinating tree and it certainly adds interest to the garden all year round! In early summer it produces starry white flowers and then in late summer mature plants produce ornamental edible fruits! Then watch as the foliage turns rich bronze, orange and crimson in the autumn months. It grows to 5m, it’s great value and even more so when you consider the many years of pleasure you’ll receive!

Acer Rubrum

This Acer variety puts on a show of colour that will liven up every garden. Ideal grown in a large or small garden and can be grown in a large pot on a balcony or patio. This acer tree has foliage of vibrant ruby red in summer which turns to fiery orange as autumn progresses. Grows to 2 metres high. Order two for only £17.98 and you’ll also save £6.

Now that it’s turning a little chillier outside (and a little more rain is coming our way!) it’s a great time to sit in the warm and browse through our website seeing all the beautiful plants in our collection. We always feel we should be busy doing something so if anyone asks why you are sitting there doing nothing you can tell them you are busy researching and planning the garden for the future! At Vernon’s we have all you’ll need for your whole garden, all year round, and your plants will all arrive at your door at the right time … saves going out on a cold, rainy day to seek out your plants – they are all available here online!

If you have any tips, stories or recommendations of your own garden favourites then please do leave a comment to share with all our readers (all comments go through a moderator so they won’t appear on the page instantly but will soon be up for all to see).

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